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Lawn Concepts Irrigation Services has been a huge asset to have on our sites. Their attention to detail and plant/landscape knowledge are wonderful attributes that allow them to customize the irrigation system to your specific site needs. One of our condo properties in particular raves about Lawn Concepts Irrigation Services – this company’s work on their property has saved them thousands of dollars each year in water bills! I would recommend Lawn Concepts Irrigation Services for any job. 


Emily P.

Account Manager


We would like to recommend Lawn Concepts Irrigation Services as an experienced, well qualified, EPA certified irrigation company. Lawn Concepts Irrigation Services has been the irrigation manager for Scofield Ridge Condominiums, one of the largest condominium communities in north Austin, Texas, since May 2012.

Lawn Concepts Irrigation Services has done an excellent job and is an asset to our condominium association. They have successfully used their keen knowledge of irrigation and passion for water conservation to not only avoid a major overhaul of our current system but save our community over $20,000 in annual water costs.

Lawn Concepts Irrigation Services’ first order of business was to replace the community’s Master Valve to control the pressure in our system, which has reduced our annual repair costs and significantly reduced our water usage. Their regular and thorough inspections have increased the overall effectiveness of our irrigation system and enhanced the overall look and vitality of our landscaped areas.

The staff of Lawn Concepts Irrigation Services has great character and integrity and is always willing to offer their expertise. The company maintains an excellent rapport not only with the HOA but with many of the residents of our community.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact any Board member.

Greg B.
HOA Board President
Scofield Ridge Condominiums 

Over the past several years, I have had the opportunity to work with Lawn Concepts Irrigation Services on several different levels. During this time, the company has proven its knowledge of the physical irrigation system, understanding the ever-changing landscape water needs, and the ability to optimize the system to its most efficient output. Ultimately, Lawn Concepts irrigation Services saves the client money by reducing the water bill and preserves the water for all of us here in the Austin area. This company will prove to be among the most ethical and honest companies you will have the opportunity to work with.

Tripp H.
Priority Landscapes, LLC

Even after numerous stern discussions with my fertilization company, a grievance by the HOA, and the re-sodding of my entire front yard, I continued to have sizable dead patches in my lawn. We finally discovered it was the sprinkler system. Everything with my sprinkler system appeared to be working; however the choice of heads & locations left a bunch of unwatered areas leading to a bunch of embarrassing dead spots. It took me 2 years and an unnecessary $1,000 (for re-sodding) to discover this. Key take away depending on the builder, they might not have used an expert / licensed irrigator to install the sprinkler. You might want to have yours checked out if your lawn is giving you problems. To correct the problem, I used Lawn Concepts Irrigation Services. Their team was punctual, their quote was very detailed and easy to understand, and the price was competitive. (They stood by their quoted price even though it took longer
than budgeted).


​Christian D.

Lawn Concepts
Irrigation Services

We recently had our sprinkler systems updated and repaired. We have spent countless hours/days/dollars etc., trying to do this ourselves and also having had others who were unlicensed attempt to fix some of the problems we were having. We had found that our sprinkler system, as installed, had not really accounted for any growth in the grass and vegetation so we had many large dry spots and plants not receiving adequate water. We also were always frustrated with how much the sprinklers would water the street and yet still never seemed to water the grass in those areas effectively. 


We had a Lawn Concepts Irrigation Services representative come out and give us a quote. We knew nearly every area needed some type of adjustment or change, and we were braced for this being a very expensive endeavor. We were very surprised to find that it was nowhere close to as expensive as we had imagined. They stood behind their quote and did a great job. In addition to that, they were great to work with and even took the time to show us more efficient ways to water and program our timer. 


Deana M.

I wanted to take the time to thank Lawn Concepts Irrigation Services all for the great work they have done this year for us. The company constantly meets our high expectations for completing irrigation repairs for our customers. The staff is very professional. They schedule repairs quickly and the repairs are done at a high level. I never have to call them back for poor quality of work on their repairs. Lawn Concepts Irrigation Services has been a valuable help to get us through our busy season and we look forward to continuing using their services for the long term.

 Brad W.
 Texas Lawn Services